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Merry Christmas.  Our Display will Open on Friday December 5th at 6pm

Our enchanted display will be opening on Friday December 5th at 6pm and will be open every evening, weather permitting, through 10pm December 25th, Christmas Day.


Last Year for Millis Wonderland
Holiday Pageant To Be Gifted to a Worthy Nonprofit

Recently, the Meehan family made the decision to give Millis Wonderland and all its assets (1,200 animations, 45 glass-encased floats, 100,000 lights, and all supporting equipment) to a suitable nonprofit after this season.   The critical factor in the gifting will be the charity's pledge to use the assets for the celebration of Christmas and benefit of the community.   Essential, too, will be the nonprofit's assurance that it will operate the display at its chosen new site for a significant span of years.  

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